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Frequently Asked Questions

To find your nearest dealer, please visit our dealer locator here.

We have lots of information available on Polaris Basecamp, our official blog, to help you understand our products better. Please see the below two articles to help with this question:

What is a UTV?

What is an ATV?

You can explore all of our current Polaris models using our online tool here.

Alternatively, if you have specific needs, please give your local dealer a call on 0330 041 5145.

They will be able to recommend a Polaris model that is suitable based on your requirements.

Most of our dealers offer test ride and drive opportunities. Please contact the dealer before arriving at the dealership to arrange a suitable time and to ensure the vehicle is available.

To find your nearest dealer and their contact details, please visit our dealer locator here.

To get a quote, please visit the Polaris UK website here.

Alternatively, please call your local Polaris dealer who will be able to advise on 0330 041 5145.

Your local dealer will be able to advise on their current stock levels and availability, and where your desired model is not available, assist in locating available models across the UK.

To find your nearest dealer, please visit our dealer locator here.

We have some available used vehicles listed on our website here.

Alternatively, please contact your local dealer to find out what used vehicles that have in stock, or to find a specific model.

To find your nearest dealer, please visit our dealer locator here.

Please speak to your local dealer for personal or business finance options – terms and conditions apply and we do not offer advice on financial matters.

To see your local Polaris dealers, please visit our dealer locator here or call 0330 041 5145 to be connected to your nearest dealer.

Homologation types available are MD, L7e or Tractor. 

Depending on your needs, our MD models are not specified for the road network and are for off-road use only. L7e-homologated vehicles and Tractor-homologated models have the required fittings for road use and have varying levels of power restrictions.

It is best to speak directly with your dealer to confirm which model is best suited for your requirements.

Your dealer will be able to give you a lead time for delivery.

If you have purchased a tractor model from your dealer, your dealer will have taken all your contact details at the point of purchase, and will register the vehicle on your behalf with the DVLA. Your vehicle will be supplied with the number plate.

Please ensure you have given the dealer a monitored email address as this is what will be used to contact you.

If you have a query on an older registration, please contact Polaris here

We have lots of information available on Polaris Basecamp, our official blog, to help you understand our products better. Head over to our ‘Getting Started’ section for useful articles on choosing a Polaris vehicle and riding in the UK.

Click here to visit our blog.

Please consult your vehicle handbook for specific information on your vehicle.

You can find digital versions of our owner manuals here.

Alternatively, full vehicle specifications can be found on the Polaris UK website here.

Please navigate to your required vehicle information via the ‘vehicles’ tab.

If you need more information on a specific model that isn’t available online, please contact your local dealer here.

To explore the full collection of Polaris parts, accessories and apparel, please refer to our accessory brochures available here.

To order parts and accessories, please contact your dealer, supplying them with the 17 digit VIN from your unit so that they can confirm fitment.

Please contact here your Polaris dealer for any official decals or graphics.

We hold stock of OE parts for 10 years after the last production of the model, after this the remaining stock will be held until sold with no further parts being produced.

Please note, this is not unusual for a manufacturer - by law, original parts need to be held for 7 years after the final production of the model.

Please speak to your dealer about any parts required for your Polaris vehicle. You may need to provide your vehicle 17 digit VIN and detailed information about the part required

To request a certificate of conformity, please send an email, including your 17-digit VIN number and email address.

All new Polaris vehicles come with a 2-year warranty as standard, starting from the date that you purchased the vehicle.

To check if your vehicle is still in warranty, please check the handover documents received from your dealer, or contact your Polaris dealer directly.

Whilst the vehicle is still within its warranty period, take your product to an authorised Polaris dealer for diagnosis and they will be able to determine if the repair will be covered under warranty.

Yes, the warranty will follow the vehicle, not the owner.

Yes, for any warranty work, any of our Polaris authorised dealers will be able to assist you.

Note, vehicle transportation to and from the dealership is not included and is the owner’s responsibility.

Only parts that are deemed to be caused by a manufacturer defect are covered under warranty.

Please speak to your dealer for a breakdown of all components and costs for your specific repair.

Please refer to your owners manual for the recommended servicing intervals for your machine.

For more information, please contact your local dealer and they will be able to advise when your next service is due. 

With technicians who know our products well and understand the importance of using genuine Polaris parts, oil and lubricants for your vehicle, the best place to get a service for your Polaris machine is an authorised Polaris dealer. 

To find your local dealer, please visit our dealer locator here.

For technical queries, please contact your local dealer directly.

The 17 digit VIN is stamped on the chassis of your unit, usually in a wheel well.

If you are having difficulty finding it, contact your local dealer, who will be able to advise on the exact location for your model.

This is not possible, if your unit is restricted this is due to the homologation as a tractor or quadricycle.

To find out more about deals and retail promotions available, please go here

Alternatively, speak to any authoised Polaris dealer about the current offers available.

Your training needs to be booked via your dealer and EASi directly – please speak with them about the next sessions available.

All new Polaris vehicles come fitted with an ATVTrac tracking system as standard, along with a free 12-month subscription.

Setting up your device couldn’t be easier; follow the instructions that are included in the handover pack from your dealer, or go here and click register.

If you would like to apply to become a Polaris authorised dealer, please fill out the application form here.

Please stop riding your Polaris vehicle immediately and contact your dealer who will arrange the necessary parts and or service requirements.

Please contact your local dealer.

If you have a complaint, please speak to your local dealer in the first instance to resolve.

If you have already spoken to your local dealer and are still unsatisfied, please email your complaint, including information of your local dealer and your vehicle’s 17-digit VIN.